Începând din acest moment, toți cei care au un cont de Steam vor putea încerca PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in mod gratuit. Jocul este gratuit timp de 4 zile, fără restricții, iar la finalul perioadei de testare cei care doresc vor putea achiziționa jocul cu un discount de 50%.

Mai jos puteți citi câteva întrebări frecvente legate de joc si de acest weekend gratuit.

How long does the event last?

  • The PUBG Free Play Weekend will be open from June 4th 17:00 UTC to June 8th 17:00 UTC. During this period everyone will be able to play PUBG for free and also receive a 50% discount when purchasing the game.

Is any of the content restricted or unavailable to free players?

  • No. With exception to the in-game shop, Free Play Weekend participants will have access to the whole game, whether they own PUBG or not.
  • The in-game store will become accessible after purchasing the game

Will earned rewards be any different for free players?

  • Free weekend players will receive the same rewards as regular players do.

Can free weekend players redeem codes for in-game items?

  • Bonus/gift codes can be only redeemed through the in-game store, which free weekend players won’t have access to.

Will my progress and rewards be saved if I choose to purchase the game later?

  • All in-game rewards and achievements such as Pass rewards, BP, XP, and RP obtained during the Free Play Weekend will be saved for whenever you do purchase the game.


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