World of Warships Legends dezvoltat de Wargaming (compania din spatele jocului „World of Tanks”) a fost prezentat pentru prima oara anul acesta la GamesCom.

Astăzi, compania a cantata ca jocul va putea fi testat pe 21 decembrie atât pe PlayStation 4 cat și pe Xbox One. Pentru a va putea înscrie la sesiunea de „closed beta”, accesați acest link.

The Legends, the ships and Commanders of our title, are joining the fray, with a selection of legendary Commanders now available to helm vessels like the mighty Iowa and the magnificent Amagi. The Commanders will bring a varied and personalized approach to combat, with each instilling their own strengths, skills and strategies to the ships at their command. Players can look forward to fighting with the heroic US admiral Norman Scott, the Japanese tactician Isoroku Yamamoto, and even more.


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