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Pleasure and performance... wireless.

Greetings and welcome back for a new hardware review! Today we will talk about a mechanical keyboard made and optimized for everyday use, but which can also be used for gaming. Even if it is not promoted as such and does not include accessories now in trend (like RGB illumination), FILCO Majestouch Convertible 2  is a high-quality mechanical keyboard that can also be connected via Bluetooth.

This model has been provided to us by The Keyboard Company, a UK-based company that is dealing with the distribution of a wide range of peripherals from some of the world’s largest manufacturers. I have noticed that the FILCO keyboard is very important to them because they have chosen to make an extra effort to make sure it arrives at us in less than 24 hours.

Unboxing Majestouch Convertible 2

The Keyboard Company delivers products using only trusted services. As evidence, the package arrived in our editorial office without any marks or other problems.

In addition to the keyboard, the package also includes the following:

  • USB cable – micro USB;
  • 2 AA batteries;
  • Filco keycap puller;
  • User manual;
  • 3 backup keys (CapsLock, Wn, and Ctrl)
  • promotional materials that come directly from the distributor.

Keyboard Company

Construction and feeling

Majestouch Convertible comes in both full-size layout and „Tenkeyless” (TKL) format, which lacks the Numpad side.


Thus, the TKL model is very solid and weighs only 1.03kg (with batteries included). The keyboard doesn’t impose through its size but by its compact form. Moreover, the well-used surface space of it delighted me as soon as I removed it from the box.

On the back of the keyboard, we find 2 plastic legs on the top, and 4 rubber supports in the corners, which prevent it from sliding on the table.


As I mentioned from the beginning, Filco is not a brand dedicated to gaming products, but rather to ones that emphasize the pleasure of using them every day, regardless of the field of activity. This was also the main reason why I wanted to test this product.

In order to give me a precise and accurate view of how the keyboard feels like in a long-term use, I chose to give up the model I have been using for years and I used Convertible 2 exclusively to:

  • programming;
  • gaming;
  • text editing.

So, after more than 4 weeks of intense use, I can say without hesitation that this model has become my favorite. It is extremely comfortable to type for hours because the angle at which the keys are placed makes it easier to press them at a higher speed than other gaming keyboards. To measure the typing speed, I turned to the Keybr app.

From an average speed of about 34 to 35 words typed per minute, with the previous keyboards, I managed to get over 50 in less than a month using Majestouch Convertible 2. The change is … significant. And productive!

Filco keyboard


As I said from the beginning, Majestouch Convertible 2 is optimized for the everyday use. However, Filco did not sacrifice any real benefit from a mechanical gaming keyboard. On the contrary, it even brought some improvements that we can benefit from when we are on the computer.


One of the significant advantages of this keyboard, compared to other models available on the market, is how we can connect it to the devices we work with. This model can be connected both via the USB cable (detachable) and wirelessly thanks to the Bluetooth technology.

Why is this important? Because we can connect it to our mobile phone, TV or even console. Majestouch Convertible 2 comes with 4 wireless „slots” that can be connected at once. But if we also add the USB cable, we have 5 devices that can connect to the keyboard. However, regardless of the number of devices connected, only the link to one of them can be active at a time. Switching between devices is easy, by pressing the Ctrl + Alt + Fn + [1/2/3/4] key combination. What can be easier with that?

Wireless Keyboard

As „personal reasons”, I can state that I prefer fewer cables on my desk, which is why I went to wireless headphones and keyboard. It’s a shame that there is no wireless Rival 600

About the rumors concerning the fact that we can not play online using wireless peripherals, we’ll discuss a little later. Hint: Filco does a great job at doing this. 🙂

According to the manufacturer, with 2 AA batteries, exclusively wireless usage time is 6 months at an average use of 5 hours per day. I have to admit, they have managed to get an excellent record for this model!

It is important to note, however, that a very large minus of this keypad is the lack of a Bluetooth adapter included in the package.


(c) KeyboardCo

The Filco keyboards come with switches produced by MX Cherry, the most famous and common mechanical keypad switches. They come in a multitude of colors, the best known to be the blue, brown and red. Even though for gaming, in general, the most recommended ones are the red ones, I preferred the brown version, thanks to that „tactile bump” while pushing the buttons.

N-key rollover

Convertible 2 is a keyboard that comes with specifications such as „N-key rollover” and „100% anti-ghosting”. As we mentioned regarding other trending gaming keyboards, on the one hand, „ghosting” is the phenomenon by which pressing certain keys is not recorded if they are pressed simultaneously. On the other hand, „N-key rollover” refers to the fact that we can press as many keys as possible in any combination, and each action will be recorded. Both with and without the wire!

Keycap puller

Most of the new mechanical keyboards come with a small tool used to remove the key caps. Filco keyboard make no exception! However, unlike other models we have worked with in the past, its keycap puller is extremely easy to use and doesn’t leave any trace on the key caps after they are removed (yes, Gamdias… I am looking at you!).

Media control

The keyboard does not come with dedicated buttons for multimedia applications. However, Filco has taken into consideration the fact that some users (considered „power users”) will prefer to control as many things as possible using the keyboard; in particular, without having to lift their hands off of it. Thus, using the „Fn” (Function) we can adjust the volume, we can control the music (play, pause, next), but we can also put the computer in sleep mode (Fn + F12).

In addition, Filco has implemented a system whereby the role of certain keys can be changed or even stopped. So, with some very small switches on the back of the keyboard, we can control what happens when we operate the Wn, App, CapsLock, Esc, ~ or Fn keys.


This model does not come with a dedicated application. For Bluetooth connectivity, just follow the steps in the users manual.

RGB lighting …

Not being a gaming exclusive keyboard, it does not include any kind of illumination. Although I understand why, for some users, this feature may be attractive, I do not think a keyboard needs to be enlightened. That’s why, in the end, I chose not to decrease the rating of the lighting feature because it has no influence on how the keyboard feels or works.

Wireless gaming / Bluetooth

I have repeatedly seen unadvised opinions that gamers cannot play on a wireless keyboard. Perhaps this would’ve been true a few years ago; however, with the introduction of Bluetooth versions 3 and 4, we have nothing to worry about.

To verify this information, I chose to use the keyboard completely wireless during the test period. Since I’m using a gaming desktop system, I’ve also purchased a Bluetooth 4.1 adapter.

During the testing, I played Dota 2, PUBG and Quake Champions. Since all three games are online and speed is essential, I can say that I have not encountered any difficulties. Although any wireless device has a certain amount of latency, in the case of mechanical keyboards it’s about an order of magnitude so small that, for most people, this isn’t even remarkable.

Wireless Keyboard

If, however, you are participating in a competition, I recommend that you connect the keyboard through the wire to avoid any unpleasant surprises. By USB, the Filco keyboard is as fast as any modern gaming keyboard.

I emphasize the fact that, initially, using a Bluetooth 2.0 adapter, I had some slight problems: typing delay; the inability to synchronize the keyboard with the computer under certain circumstances, etc. But with an upgrade to a Bluetooth 4.0 adapter, I did not have any other difficulties.


The Majestouch Convertible 2 is one of the most impressive mechanical keyboards I’ve had the chance to analyze. This keyboard dominates the models from previous reviews with the comfort and the joy of typing day by day and by the very pleasant feeling of touching the keys, thanks to the brown mechanical switches. Also, the entire appearance makes it a classic and refined style. Also, its appearance highlights a classic and exquisite style.

Review FIlco

FILCO keyboards are not designed exclusively for gamers, like many other trending models. Today, however, we have seen together that it is facing even the most demanding games, due to the possibility of connecting it both via Bluetooth and wire. In addition, the Bluetooth connectivity offers a variety of situations in which we can use the keyboard without a remarkable sacrifice.

Keyboard PlayStation

In a direct comparison with the 4C Ultimate from Das Keyboard  (the model that I have considered being the best for my needs so far), the keyboard from today’s review is „fighting” from equal to equal in terms of feeling, comfort, and price, winning out thanks to Bluetooth support.

The Keyboard Company

Established in 1989, the company was born thanks to Geoff Thomas.  A young man who had just bought his first computer for his business, but he was deeply disappointed with his keyboard.

Keyboard Company

Today, the company distributes the highest quality peripherals that satisfy even the most demanding people. In addition, the team behind the company offers well-documented tips and suggestions directly on the phone.

The professionalism they have shown in the many conversations we have had can only make us recommend them with all confidence. It was a real pleasure to discuss and benefit from their experience to choose the model that I have presented to you today.



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